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Liability insurance for musicians

Reasons to choose Liabilityguard

  • Flexible cover options - you create the cover you want
  • Money back guarantee - 14 days to change your mind
  • Our easy to use site makes it simple!

Why buy liability insurance

As well as the frustration and stress associated with accidents and injuries, without insurance, you could be left seriously out of pocket. With more venues requiring musicians to have minimum levels of public liability cover, Liability insurance is an important part of your cover.

Liabilityguard Music has a basic level of cover of £1 million but you can choose to increase cover to £2 or £5 million.

Liabilityguard Music also provides personal accident cover up to £10,000 for death and permanent total disablement and £5,000 for loss of limb or eye. This is included as standard with every Liabilityguard Music policy.

Liability insurance - an un-necessary expense?

Public liability is also known as third party liability or personal liability. This cover protects you against third party claims for injury or damage to people or their property - so, for example, in the event that the PA you set up falls onto a member of the public and causes injury or damage - that person could claim against you for compensation.